How to Stay Safe When Modeling

How to Stay Safe When Modeling

Getting started with modeling is now easier than ever, With sites like Model Mayhem and Facebook Model Groups. It has became very easy to self promote as a model and a photographer. There has been a massive influx of new talent of both sides of the camera in a last few years. Now anyone with a few hundred dollars can buy a professional looking camera and clam to be a professional. Photography is just like any professional trade, there are the working professionals, the amateurs and then there is the predators. Here in the modeling industry we call these predator photographers GWC (Guy With Camera). The GWC is only into photography to get close to girls and not to create art. Avoiding the GWC can be hard when you are first starting out. My advice is to steer clear of websites like Model Mayhem and stick with Facebook modeling groups in your city. In my experience there are way more GWC on these websites than on Facebook. I think this is due to the anonymity these website give these predator photographers. It is harder to hide on Facebook and most groups quickly ban anyone that acts inappropriately towards anyone.


Before you decide to work with a photographer check their portfolio and always check for reference. When checking out their portfolio look and see if their style is what you are looking for. If they mostly shoot lingerie stuff and your not looking to do any lingerie shots then their probably not the right photographer for you. Does the portfolio look professional? Do they have a website and does it have a professional looking domain or is it just a generic website. Ask if they can provide you with references from previous models. Contact these models they have worked with in the past and find out what they are like to work with.

Always ask the photographer if you can bring a chaperone. If they say no the chaperone this should be a big alarm bell, if they don’t have a satisfactory reason don’t shoot with them. Always let people know where you are going and have your mobile fully charged. It is also wise to call or txt someone when you first arrive at the shoot just to let them know you arrived safely and do the same at the end of the shoot.

During the shoot if the photographer is make you feel uncomfortable, say so. Don’t just go along with it because they want you to. Any professional will be aware how you are feeling and won’t ask you to do something your not comfortable with. A photographer should never have to touch you, remember the relationship between a model and photographer in usually business based and touching crosses over into the personal, even female photographers should never start touching you. If they can’t verbally communicate what they are wanting then what are there camera skills going to be like? A photographer (male or female) should never need to have to touch you.


Great life long friendships are often made between photographers and models but if it’s overly friendly to soon it’s often a warning sign. Just think how many house painters, bankers, lawyers, etc feel the need to be best friends with their clients. There is always another photographer that is as good if not better to work with.

Your safety should become before anything else. Always trust your gut. The greatest photographer in the world isn’t worth your safety, but remember to have fun and meet some great people!!



Author: Veronica