How to Become a Lingerie Model

How to Become a Lingerie Model

Becoming a lingerie model can take a lot of effort to achieve but the good news is becoming a lingerie model is more than a pretty face and a hot body, If you’re striping down to your undies it wont be hard to find dodgy GWC (Guy With Camera) photographers wanting to photograph you. It takes real skills and abilities to work with professional photographers and lingerie designers.

Having clear skin and looking well maintained will make professionals more willing to work with you. this includes your hair cut, hair colour, manicured nails, no giant bruises or sunburns. Most of these things can be retouch in Photoshop and fixed with makeup, but that takes time and time = Money. The less time the designer and photographer need to spent making you look good the better and my more likely they will want to work with you.

When you’re just starting out a great place to start is joining Facebook modeling groups in you local city and ask in there you are looking to start getting into lingerie modeling and your looking for recommended photographers and local lingerie designers to work with. You will probably need to work a few photographers before a designer is willing to work with you. When deciding on which photographer to work with look at their portfolio, do they shoot a lot of lingerie, does it look professionals and are they running a boudoir photography bushiness? What style of style of lingerie photography do they shoot and is it the same you want to do. Are the models they work with the around the same age as you and same body type.

The next step is learning to pose and convey emotion though your face and body language. Lingerie is intimate so the blank fashion model face wont cut it here. You will need to convey intimacy and have a connection with the viewer. Practice with a mirror and build up a range of expressions. Look and lingerie catalogs and other models photo shoots for posing ideas. When trying out poses make sure your not covering the garment too much and drawing attention. After all at the end of the day the designer and photographer are trying to photograph the lingerie in the best possible way. Follow your favorite models on Instagram and analyze why you think they are successful. It won’t just be because they have a pretty face and a hot body!


Author: Veronica